I am currently working on a feature for ivy-omni-org package to integrate with org-ql package by alphapapa.

Ivy-omni-org is an Ivy interface which lets you choose an item from various sources on Org mode. It currently supports the following content types:

  • Org buffers
  • Org files
  • Org bookmarks
  • Custom Org agenda commands

It also allows you to open a buffer/file/bookmark in another window/frame rather than in the current window by selecting an alternative action available from M-o key.

Org-ql is a library for searching Org entries with a query language based on S (lisp) expressions. It also provides an alternative to org-agenda which lets you define agenda voews with the query language, and org-ql-view library lets you manage bookmarks of such agenda views, like org-agenda-custom-commands. org-ql-view is no more capable than org-agenda, but the query language is more intuitive to use than the string-based match expression syntax of org-agenda.

The new feature for ivy-omni-org lets you choose an agenda view of org-ql-view. Since org-ql-view is an easier alternative to org-agenda-custom-commands, ivy-omni-org should provide an integration with the feature, so I implemented it.

Actually, the upcoming feature is more generic: It allows you to define custom content types defined in terms of functions, and the integration with org-ql-view will be included in the package as an example of the customization.

The feature is not available in the master branch yet (nor from MELPA) but in this feature branch. Note that you can reorder the sections in ivy-omni-org by customizing ivy-omni-org-content-types to your liking. The following is my current setup:

(use-package ivy-omni-org
  (ivy-omni-org-content-types '(agenda-commands