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Recently, I have upgraded the theme for this blog. Upgrading a theme for your Hugo site At first, I used git subtree to add a theme to my Hugo site, but it turned out that it would not work properly. That is, it undesirably brings all of the history of your installed theme to your Hugo site. It was my mistake. To add a theme to a Hugo site, you should just use git clone, as described in the official tutorial.

I started this blog yesterday. I had always felt a need for a public space where I could share what I learn, but for some reasons, I had procrastinated it. I could finally overcome the gap, so I will describe the process in this post. One of the reasons I could not get started with blogging is tooling. As for hosting solutions, WordPress seems too complicated for my need, and Medium does not provide a way to export a whole site.

Akira Komamura