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My new project nix-desktop is out on GitHub now. It is an application and service manager for desktop, currently for Linux. As the name implies, it relies on the Nix ecosystem. It resides in somewhere between nix-env command and home-manager. What it is It is currently capable of the following things: Installing XDG menu entries. Installing user systemd services. It lets you write configuration in Nix. Installation and usage You can install the program by running the following command:

Last year, I started working in Tokyo for the first time as a programmer1. I soon left the company for several reasons and became an employee of another company based in Fukuoka, which is the fifth largest populated city in Japan. One reason2 for switching the company was that I was not allowed to use Emacs in the project. Taking into account my past work on Emacs packages, it was a nonsense that he sent me to the project where I was not allowed to use Emacs.

It has been long since I have published the last blog post. I promised to write about using ox-hugo but haven’t done it yet (sorry Kaushal Modi), and I also have a stack of some other procrastinated tasks in the FOSS world. There was a notable change in my life, even though I am doubtful if it is in a positive direction, but I now appear to have some spare time for following my interest.

Akira Komamura